I write code – it’s what I do for a living, sometimes I do it in my spare time, I studied computer science at university, and coded in my younger days. Before I got lured into the infinite toybox of programming, I wanted to be some kind of mechanical or electrical engineer, and I still have an unhealthy fascination with mechanisms, toys and the like. I’m currently avoiding getting into LEGO MindStorms because it would probably take over my life. If you want more details on my work, a (reasonably current) copy of my CV is here.

I’m a qualified trampoline coach (with a certificate to prove I probably won’t kill you, and insurance in case I do) and lately have spent a fair amount of my free time helping out with the technical side of amateur theatre productions. This sounds glamorous but mostly involves carrying awkward or heavy objects in dark, dirty places. So far I’ve (assistant) stage-managed as well as done lighting design and operation.

I finally purchased a DSLR after my all-in-one Panasonic FZ5 died. I’m the proud owner of a Nikon D70s (from eBay) and am gradually acquiring some lenses, mostly Sigma because the Nikors are too pricey. I love the camera, taking pictures is an absolute pleasure, and as a result it’s something I’m spending increasing amounts of time doing. Favourite lens for indoor works it the Sigma 30mm f1.4 (a lovely portrait lens), while for outdoor landscape and architectural work, the Sigma 10-20mm wide-angle is joy. Photos are on Flickr – please leave comments if you like any.

I also do some climbing (indoor, for the moment), yoga (Iygenar) and can be lured onto a mountain bike with a little persuasion, but the lack the disregard for personal safety required to be really fast.