• The smell of petrol / oil. Probably very bad for me, but there’s various hydro-carbon smells that I really like – sulphur from striking a match, the strange oily smell in railway tunnels, and petrol station forecourts.
  • Freezing-cold original (full-fat) Coca-Cola, served from a glass bottle, on a scorching hot day, served over lots of ice.
  • Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francsico. So good it’s amazing it hasn’t been outlawed.
  • Wicked. Possibly a little too much.
  • Flying, in all its many forms. I’d like to take flying lessons, or try more gliding, but time and money are constraining factors. Living in Scotland doesn’t make things easier. Regardless, even being live cargo on the most boring flight, I’m happy. I get pretty annoyed by people who moan about the lack of beer or a one hour delay (see rants page).