Went to Jessops to buy an air-blower. Which worked great, incidentally. Unfortunately, the following conversation took place at the till:

You know, you can get that half-price if you buy it with a DSLR

Haha, cheers guys, I’ve already got one, hence the air blower. If you had the Sigma 10-20mm in a Nikon fit, that’d be different.

Actually, we do. (Produces lens in about five seconds)


There is now an interlude whilst myself and two of the staff mess about with the lens on a D60 body ((my word they’re small, but I can see the appeal)). Lens is pointed at assorted things, and we conclude that 10mm is just fun all the way. The conversation resumes thusly:

So, it is indeed great, but I was going to buy one on eBay. (This is me indicating that their store price is a bit steep compared to the other options)

We could knock thirty quid off?

(moment’s hesitation while weighing up convenience factor of walking out with a white-market lens here and now) Yeah, all right.

Cool. I’m jealous by the way.

Final result, got the air blower for four quid, and the lens for the UK web price + a tenner. Having made the sale, then spent five minutes selling the Jessops guy on the Sigma 50-150mm. They do have it in their system, but it’s strictly ordered on request, I guess they aren’t allowed to order up exotic items just to mess about with in store.

Rather scarily, the store guy is a Canon user, but is considering switching over his whole kit (strobes, lenses, the works) to Nikon for one reason. Everyone who has one raves about it, and based on what I’ve seen, they’re right to. Fingers crossed on a D80 upgrade with the same sensor in the not too distant future.

Posted Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 under photography, toys.

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  1. Oooh lots of fishbowl interiors please! And weird macros, and crazy perspectives, and maybe just for a laugh, just cos it’s something I’d definitely do: close-up animals http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=argCvDpk_KQ 😉

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