We won the league this year, thanks to a healthy lead before Saturday’s competition, and a good performance on the day. Still lots of room for improvement next year, especially at novice and intermediate.

The great news for me, however, was that my Sigma 50-150mm had arrived, and the Kelvin Hall has decent spectrum, close-to-daylight illumination (mercury, I’d guess). Combined with a close-in viewing gallery, this provided ample means to experiment with the new lens, and learn how to photograph trampoliners. I took a lot of shots, many of which are crap, but some of which are pretty decent, and with practice I should get much better. Even better, at a high ISO setting, the lens even performs acceptably in the CSE sports hall (white balance is sill nasty due to missing colours in the light), so there’s lots of scope for finally getting some decent shots of people bouncing as opposed to drinking.

Posted Sunday, March 23rd, 2008 under photography.

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