Blade Runner (finally)

After one abortive attempt (the Filmhouse cinema one broke down), managed to see the new (and supposedly, definitive) cut of Blade Runner on Tuesday. I’m fortunate in never having seen the original (studio) cut, which has the, uh, confused ending – but regardless, this version didn’t ever feel jarring or overtly ‘changed’. My overall impression at the end was simply that I had seen and enjoyed the film (which is of course stunningly beautiful) without intrusive cuts, modifications or other tampering. George Lucas, take note. Doubtless seeing it on a big screen helps too.

The impact of the (non-CGI) effects, along with the camera work (I’d never noticed there are lots of of hand-held shots, which probably contributes to up-close feel of the film compared to its contemparies) and especially the lighting all worked better than I had recalled; I feared the visual effects might look chronically dated (they don’t). The lighting throughout is gorgeous, but most especially the classic film-noir shots, notably the kiss lit through a venetian blind. Things to try once I acquire the appropriate toys.

Posted Saturday, January 12th, 2008 under films, geek, photography.

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