Ah, the eternal conflict. vi and emacs. nVidia and ATI. Linux and absolutely everyone else. Currently I’m faced with a more evenly-balanced choice (or so I thought) than the above – we all know ATI, vi and Linux are rubbish – and that choice is, of course, Nikon or Canon.

For, you see, my humble Panasonic FZ-5 has died a horrible, mechanical death, and when I inquired at Jessops about the feasibility of a repair, I was assured the cost would far exceed the value of the camera – i.e a hundred quid. Jumping on the DSLR wagon basically boils down to two options: the Nikon D40x and Canon 400D. Since the marketing machines of both companies know this, they are engaged in the kind of feature / metric war that gave us clock-speeds the same frequency as gamma radiation and CPU cores that dissipate more heat than an oven. As a result, both cameras are pretty impressive, both are about the same price, both come with a £50 rebate at the moment, both come with an 18-55mm kit lens, etc, etc.

The warning alarms went off when I inquired with DSLR-owning friends on the above basis, and almost all of them gave a decidedly vehement response in favour of Nikon or Canon. Not the device, so much – more just the company / philosophy / scared truth. Notably, for what I can only assume to be comedy effect, the, err, pimply-faced-youth at the shop (I was in Jessops, not Currys/Dixons, honest) first decried in no uncertain terms that the Nikon is made from the carcasses of dead puppies, but then summoned over a colleague who impressed upon me that the Canons steal a piece of your soul every time you press the shutter. I think, to give Jessops some credit, overall they were a bit more helpful than that, and the result is I’m currently leaning Canon-wards, mostly due to wider lens compatibility, and alleged easier access to ISO and exposure settings via physical buttons.

Hence this post – please wade in, via the comments, and offer whatever enlightenment you feel able to impart.

Posted Friday, November 9th, 2007 under geek, photography, toys.


  1. nooooooo!! you must love Nikon! get a D70 blah etc. fizzle womp…

    yeah, know what you mean – I’m thinking of selling off my (admittedly delightful DMC-LC1 for a DSLR. They’re affordable now and despite the full manual control of my Pana, I REALLY miss the simple pleasure of a TTL viewfinder and not a dark, crappy 100,000px LCD.

    So, brand loyalty draws me to Nikon, I have a great little EM workhorse wot my pop bought me when I was little, and he had an FE2, which I cannot believe he sold – they still go for a couple hundred secondhand and are plain simple workmanlike greatness.

    Actually, maybe I’ll get one of those instead, there’s one in the shop over from my flat and I could blow the rest on AGFA Ultra 100………..

  2. I was contemplating picking up a film SLR on eBay, but to get something workable is £50, and really I’m just the wrong kind of person to work with film I think. Still leaning towards the 400D but I’m not going to buy anything before January anyway.

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