Aural goodness

On the advice of a friend, I acquired a set of Sennheiser PMX70s for use in the gym. They are pretty darn good – sound quality is sharp and clear, with decently punchy bass, they stay on (thanks to the band), there’s no foam or similar to get unpleasant, and the cable is long enough. If I had one niggle it’s that they are lurid, neon green. But aside from that, highly recommended. Oh and they’re fifteen quid, bargain.

Posted Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 under toys.


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  1. when you get bored of the lack of sound-exclusion and real bass, I can’t recommend these enough:

    I’ve a pair of decent Shure EC4’s but since using them involves burrowing quite literally into the grey matter, I find them a pain to use about town where occasionally you have to (for sake of practicality as much as politeness) enagage in a mining session everytime you want to remove them. The Sennheisers are my everyday beaters and dirt cheap from Amazon*.

    * Dont buy them from the Apple Store, the cheeky buggers want £40 for them. They’re not worth £40!

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