Mirror, mirror, not on the wall.

Approximately six months ago, I finally had the bathroom in my flat transformed from a nasty hell-hole to a pleasant, modern ablutionary experience. This process took a few months altogether, and has been basically complete since December, with one minor problem: I have no mirror in said bathroom. Naturally every visitor, upon entering the room, points this fact out and indeed the absence is brought home to me daily when I put my contact lenses in using either guesswork (fallible) or my reflection in the metal shower surround.

The problem is, not, directly, finding a mirror. It’s finding a suitable bathroom cabinet. Except, that’s not the problem either; I’ve found a lovely one, not too expensive or anything, that will fit in the available space, hold many useful things, etc.

Here it is, see for yourself.

Oh, but don’t try to buy it.

Because, you see, you can’t. The website says it’s sold out. The Next call-centre people say it’s not available, but to try in a month (that was February). The Next store people in Glasgow (where I went) say it definitely will be available, but they can’t order it, and to try the call-centre people in a couple of weeks. About mid-March I tried the call-centre again, and the nice person put me on hold while she tried to find out what was going on, but she was unable to find out (for which she apologised).

So, it seems Next have items in their current catalogue, new in October 2007 no less, which they are unable to source, or even give a date for when they will be able to source inventory. Obviously I could buy some other cabinet, but I like the one I’ve found, if Next could just find a couple in the factory and maybe sell me one. ((They must have at least the one from the catalogue shoot, I’ll take that at a discount.)) 

I know it’s a lot to ask.

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  1. Sod’s law. Tried Next just now, have been told to officially give up. Ah well. Time to go find a suitable alternative. Never buy a flat.

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