Red Spectacles

Got around to watching Natural Born Killers – I was fairly impressed, but not blown away by it. It feels a lot like Clockwork Orange for the nineties, and Kill Bill now makes more sense (in the continuum of Tarantino script-writing), especially the animated sections. There were a few places where the acting felt distinctly average, but the camera-work, editing and post-production are excellent, especially giving the effect of camcorder and aging TV sitcom footage.

I’m not completely convinced about Woody Harrelson as the lead role, but he did make red-tinted John Lennon glasses iconic. Tommy Lee Jones impresses with his ability as always, much the same as No Country for Old Men. Which, of course, also features Woody Harrelson, in a role I think suited him more.

Posted Monday, February 18th, 2008 under films.


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