Marketing / Consumerism

It’s easy to be a consumer! Just follow these simple steps:

  1.  Godskitchen email me an e-flyer, promoting their new compilation set
  2. Monkey see, monkey click link, get to the real (Flash-based) e-flyer, including some click-to-play excerpts
  3. Listen and think ‘actually, that’s quite a decent mix, must remember to pick it up’
  4. Notice iTunes store link
  5. Pause for about 300 milliseconds
  6. Click iTunes store link
  7. Observe the full-track list in iTunes, and then notice the three-disc price is only a tenner
  8. Mentally weigh up karmic evil of using iTunes vs buying CD on Amazon, waiting for it, ripping it, having the CDDB data be wrong, and the album art missing.
  9. Pause for about 100 milliseconds
  10. Buy it on iTunes
  11. Profit. (for Apple, or whoever it is actually makes money from the store)

It’s a good mix, if you like classic trance. Otherwise, move swiftly along.

Posted Monday, January 21st, 2008 under music.

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