Museum of London, Crack

Went to visit the Museum of London at the end of my last London trip, it’s pretty interesting, though currently undergoing some major refurbishment, so will require another visit. One interesting aspect of the museum is that at this point I’ve encountered various somewhat-related fragments of London history: Roman pieces from TimeTeam, Saxon from Bernard Cornwell’s Alfred series, and of course the Baroque Cycle period in enormous detail courtesy of Neal Stephenson. I’m currently reading Lisa Jardine’s biography of Hooke, just to really cap things off. It made a substantial difference to have multiple marker points to work outwards from, when assembling the historical picture.

Following on from the museum, I braved the Millenium bridge to view The Crack at Tate Modern – very impressive, though accompanied by depressing health-and-safety signs warning people not to trip/fall/otherwise injure themselves on the artwork they had in fact come to view.

Posted Sunday, December 30th, 2007 under art, books, history.

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