After the usual six months of procrastination that accompanies any domestic purchase, I’ve finally acquired some new kitchen knives. (Having thrown out almost all the old knives at the end of last year, leading to some economical re-use of knives – raw chicken and cheesecake can be cut with the same knife, no problem at all)

Kai Wasabi Yangiba and DebaThese are single-edged traditional Japanese knives, the wide-bladed one being a ‘deba’ for general chopping, and the long thin murder-weapon-type-thing is called a ‘yangiba’. Apparently it’s good for sushi making, both working with the fish, and also slicing rolls. Obviously this will have to be tested!

I resisted the temptation to buy the various ‘pro’ Japanese knives, which are made from exotic steels, have HRC numbers approximately that of diamond, or have watered / Damascus blades, since they’re all punishingly expensive. So far I’m also holding off on the ‘nakiri’, which is rectangular cleaver-esque thing which is apparently the best for chopping up veg (and zombies, I suspect).

Now I have to buy a whetsone, and learn how to use it properly. (The previous, now discarded knives, taking an edge about as well as lead, or possibly even rye-bread)

Posted Thursday, March 17th, 2011 under geek, toys.

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