(no, not the Integrated Woz Machine of Apple fame, but: ) the Imperial War Museum.

Which I visited with Paul, and is a grand collection of tanks, guns, mines, chunks of aircraft and the like, from 1914 onwards. It’s not as interesting (for me) as Duxford, where they keep the big aircraft, but it’s free and worth a look.

As I observed to Paul, when looking at a Churchill tank or similar, my immediate feeling is that the Games Workshop designers were fairly lazy when designing all the vehicles for Warhammer 40K – most of the gear in the museum just needs a Blood Angels logo and some paint, and it’d be good to serve the Emperor.

The other observation, based on the historical section covering British military action in every conflict since WWII – Suez, Aden, Korea, The Falklands, Northern Ireland, and so on, is that in general, military intervention in foreign territories has not been, well, entirely a success story. Not that the people on the ground have done a bad job, or been less than courageous – just that when viewed with hindsight, it mostly seems the net outcome, within five or ten years, has been zilch.

Oh, and some WWII tanks are painted bright, lovely sky blue. If you are doing art direction on Command&MedalOfHeroesStein episode eighteen, take note. There are other colours besides brown and grey.

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