Notes from Denmark

Assorted things I learned from a few days in Denmark.

  • Despite what some people may claim, Martini Rosso is never a good thing to drink.
  • Danish looks like mix of German and English (but not in the same way as Dutch). This should not fool (novice) German-speakers into thinking they can pronounce Danish words, they will make an idiot of themselves in shops, at the train station information desk, and so on.
  • The Viking Ship museum at Roskilde is great (and is perfectly walkable from the train station, if you’re not American). By far the best part is going for a sail on the fijord in a replica boat, complete with obligatory rowing and shouted instructions (in Danish) from a large bearded man.
  • The palm house in Copenhagen is a pretty typical Victorian affair, complete with cast iron columns. Unlike any other I’ve visited, however, the top balcony is open to the public up the original spiral staircases. The balcony is narrow, and the heat and humidity makes it somewhat oppressive, but apparently in Denmark that’s the for the visitor to cope with, no terrified excuse about health-and-safety here.
  • Herring can be delicious, even with raw onions, but cooking is a big factor here. Holland, I’m looking at you.
  • Despite what some people may claim, schnaps is never a good thing to drink
  • ‘Talking Norwegian’ in Denmark is a euphemism for speaking on the great porcelain telephone. This may be particularly relevant for people who failed to observe the first point on this list.
  • Copenhagen has a five-storey building height code, which is mostly adhered too, and plenty of of nice straight, wide streets. As a result, the large, oddly shaped building visible past the end of the street, which appears to be moving, may in fact be moving. 
  • People (well, tourists) are stupid enough to fall for a find-the-lady con on the main pedestrian drag (Strøget) despite all the nearby shop windows have large red posters in the windows explaining how the con works.
  • Pétanque is great fun. But unsurprisingly, I am very bad at it.
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  1. What do you mean “Martini Rosso is never a good thing to drink”?? It’s the best. Always! 🙂

  2. Au contraire, where would be my Manhattan without vermouth??

    I like the talking in Norwegian sentiment 🙂

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