Found in my FaceBook news feed (not in the right-hand advertising bar):

M&S Marketing Poll on Facebook

Marking for the social networking generation! Who clearly all shop at M&S. But wait, there seem to be some missing options:

  • Over-packaged,┬ápretentiously┬ánamed products
  • Makes Waitrose seem like good value
  • This is not just marketing, this is really annoying marketing

Do feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments.

Posted Tuesday, February 10th, 2009 under comedy.

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  1. Advertising using Piers Morgan? Really?
    Last bearable option for food after midnight in Waterloo station.
    Going down the pan for over a decade but miraculously still trading?
    Unexpected TV adverts for frilly underwear? phwoar!

    What exactly are they researching? Isn’t it just a plea for help: “Please, please, please tell us how lovely and important we are”?

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