From passing the Edinburgh airport Hilton, to walking out of security air-side, a grand total of eight minutes. Online check-in and revamped security to thank, mostly. Once on the flight, KLM had made a clerical error and positioned the divider between business and economy incorrectly – 4F became the last business row instead of the first economy row, and the purser apologised for this, and then gave the entire row the business service for the flight. 

A still, crisp day meant stunning views over to Stirling, then Glasgow and the Borders, and on approach to Schiphol we were assigned runway 06 (instead of the dreaded 18R, and associated ten minute taxi), finishing our roll-out a stone’s throw from the allocated parking stand.

The only concern is that I’m accruing some vast karmic debt – otherwise, all seems good.

Posted Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 under aviation, travel.

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