I’m sorely tempted by several recently announced games – notably Little Big Planet and Mirror’s Edge. I’d also like to be able to play Singstar and maybe even Rock Band. And I should probably pick up Fable 2, if only to support Paul’s enduring torment.

Unfortunately, the preceding list contains some plainly platform-specific properties – Singstar is first-party, and so is Fable. And I really don’t want to buy multiple boxes to clutter up my front room. So I’ll probably buy either the PS3 or the Xbox, and then beg / steal / borrow the other to play the awkward game(s). Even worse, the obvious machine to buy then is the Playstation – since Fable is the kind of thing you finish, as opposed to Singstar.

Analysis of my logic, or counter-arguments, would be appreciated. The only good thing I can see from all this is that buying a PS3 makes Sony lose even more money.

Posted Monday, October 20th, 2008 under gaming, geek, toys.


  1. lose, not loose

    yours lovingly, grammar nazi

  2. Fixed. Unfortunately, Little Big Planet is first-party as well, as Paul pointed out. Yuck.

  3. Just watched the Mirror’s Edge trailer, and even the sound-track is pretty sweet. Ack.

  4. Don’t know if MS have something similar but this does not increase Sony’s appeal to me:


  5. Indeed, although I imagine the XBox Live-Arcade agreement is equally bad.

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