Is very good indeed – I haven’t (yet) read the book, but I was generally impressed with the film. Excellent cast, pretty sets with unobtrusive CGI, lots of comedy moments and believeable characters. High points for me would be a stick-wielding old guy, Robert De Niro and a man with breasts. Low points would be Ricky Gervais and, well, that’s about it. An additional high point, though unrelated to the film itself, was watching from the posh seats of the Leicester Square Odeon. Expensive, but the overall experience is exactly like going to the cinema ‘ought’ to be, i.e a huge auditorium, comfy seats, awesome sound, top-quality projection and art-deco surroundings. Not worth it to see ‘Generic Action Movie – The Sequel‘, but a nice treat to watching something special.

I blame either Final Fantasy or possibly just ‘Japan’, but this is yet another film of recent times to feature an aerial ship/airship thing with vaguely steam-punk overtones. I know that they fullfill the criteria of ‘being really cool’, but it’s going the way of lens flares.

And now I need to read the book.

Posted Sunday, October 28th, 2007 under books, films.

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