Guy Ritchie has made several films about crime in the UK. It so happens, that I have not seen the second of these, so I thought I’d add it to my LoveFilm rental list. Naturally, I searched for the title of said film.

I hate the Internet.

Posted Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 under films.


  1. And I’m so far resisting the urge to find out what the actual titles of the other seven matches are.

  2. Cool a new game: “Guy Ritchie Filmname Filth”!

    A middleweight prizefighter down on her luck: “Box”.

    Two plucky young Mexicans cross the border to open their dream restaurant: “Fish Taco”.

    A retelling of Through the Looking Glass where everything, including the Cheshire Cat is rotated by 90 degress: “Vertical Smile”.

    and er, “Twatbasket”

    I have no plausible excuse for the latter.

    Except mirth.

  3. At least the Guy Ritchie one came up first. Otherwise I think it would be time for the internet to hang up its boots.

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