Caution! There are bees! Also, apparently we’re transporting bees around to pollinate crops? That’s got to warrant a new haz-mat symbol – the lorry ahead of you on the motorway could be filled with buzzing, stinging death! And also delicious honey.

Posted Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 under comedy.

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  1. thetallone says:

    We have had bees kept in our orchard for as long as I can remember. The first bee keeper was a commercial pollenator and so the hives would be loaded onto a trailer in about march and would be put into farmers’ fruit fields for a couple of months to boost the crop production before being moved back to our orchard to over-winter (it being very sheltered).
    Nowadays there are much fewer keepers who use their bees to pollenate as moving them around makes them much more at risk to Veroa mite and the many other parasites that are currently decimating bee populations.

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