Across Baikal

Visited the largest lake in the world, Baikal, containing some decent chunk of the world’s fresh, non-frozen water. Thursday was grey, wet and horrible, so after the one hour minibus ride from Irkutsk, standing on a raining, cold waterfront felt just like the English seaside, complete with greasy cafes. Fortunately the chalet was awesome – tea, coffee and delicious ginger-bread were provided upon arrival, which was lovely. The forecast for Friday was proved correct (clear skies and sunshine), so having gone to sleep with a grey view, awoke to a green valley, blue water and distant snow-capped peaks – beautiful. Friday was squandered on strolling around the waterfront, sitting in the sun, and drinking beer with a couple of random Aussies – very demanding, almost like being on holiday or something.



Glorious Siberia

I am convinced that if you could open a ‘proper’ English chip-shop on the waterfront, complete with British beers (the number of English pubs, even in a little place like Irkutsk, is bizzare), you’d have locals and foreigners queuing down the street.


Mongolia tomorrow. After a ten hour border crossing. Joy.

Posted Saturday, June 14th, 2008 under travel.

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