MUGSS Iolanthe

We did a straight show swap with MUGSS this year, so I was viewing their Iolanthe production with a more critical eye than usual. It was an excellent production, which the usual huge chorus, over-the-top costumes and humor jammed into every available spot. The colours and costumes were deliberately garish and glowing, with Christmas-tree lights and LED rope used for that extra bit of visual bling.

I maintain our Iolanthe entrance was cooler1, even though it did lead to a risk-assessment¬†with the ‘danger of drowning’ and ‘flooding theatre’ entries. Listening to the overture reminded me the point when the all-important (but rarely heard in theatres, as compared to say, U-boats) “engage pumps” command was given.

I’m also (having been backstage) immensely jealous of theatres that are, you know, purpose built, and have the following:

  • a full height fly-tower (and lots of bars)
  • wings more than a metre wide
  • an SM desk not covered in a nasty crap
  • level, smooth access from the performance floor to a truck-sized loading bay
  • a sensible fire detection installation permitting use of smoke effects without summoning the (very annoyed) fire brigade.

Clearly all of the above are ludicrous things to expect from a performance space. Just for good measure, the RNCM has a fancy moving orchestra-pit-lift thing.

  1. Suzi would say colder []
Posted Monday, May 5th, 2008 under geek, theatre, travel.

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