Ultimate Frisbee

Some madness possessed me to participate in semi-organised Frisbee throwing on the meadows yesterday. People who know me will be aware of my vast deficiency in the hand-eye co-ordination department vital for a game of this nature, so many appalling blunders on my part ensued. Fortunately there were some good players to compensate for the bad ones such as myself.  Some assorted observations:

  • Changing direction fast on grass is all about footwear. If the footwear selection is poor, it’s all about failing to change direction.
  • My cardio-vascular fitness is not as good as I thought, at least as it extends to running around outdoors.
  • I’ve been spoiled by technologically decadent flying things (principally, Aerobies) which have much more stable flight characteristics in the face of (woefully) inaccurate throws, and are much less affect by wind (reduced cross-sectional and flat area, I guess). So I should find an excuse to practise throwing old-school Frisbees before playing again.
  • Beer and pizza taste even better after a token gesture at physical exertion. 
Posted Saturday, September 1st, 2007 under Uncategorized.

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