End of the Fringe

Fringe is done and dusted for another year (for me at least, other people are doing strikes and outs for another week at least). This year I managed to see a goodly number of shows, quite aside from being involved with one.

  • Aneas Faversham – excellent Victorian sketches, apparently even better than last year, but I can’t comment on that aspect. Plus free badges as always, and the playing card flyers.
  • Sketchatron – all good, I got picked on though.
  • Improverts – twice, from upstairs both times. The final night was worth it for the party game alone.
  • Something Blue – Paris-trained clowns based in Devon, very clever and brilliantly silly.
  • Mod – American Beatles-inspired musical
  • Mephistopholes Smith – Richard ‘Rocky Horror’ O’Brian’s musical about the evangelist for Hell. Audience participation required, would have helped to have a larger number of people in.
  • Turning Test
  • Feurzabruta - breathtakingly good
  • Two Mirrorballs at the Film Festival, not as good as last year alas. Apparently the animation one was better, but clashed with the Guilds slot. Worthwhile just to see the crazily good ‘Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip – Thou Shalt Always Kill’ video though.
  • Spank! – which happened to include Brendon Burns on the night I was in – he then went on to win the not-Perrier award this year.
  • The amazingly cute and brilliantly funny Lucy Porter.
Posted Monday, August 27th, 2007 under theatre.

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